Two of our ride on mowers in Hobart

    High Quality Ride on Mowers in Hobart

    No matter how big your lawn is, we have a ride on mower the will make light work of your grass cutting requirements. We stock a wide range of ride on mowers from market leading brands such as Greenfield, Victa, Ferris and Walker among others. If you are looking for quality and reliability at realistic prices, you are looking in the best place.

    Greenfield ride on tractors

    Greenfield’s ride on tractor is the flagship of their range and it is packed with bulletproof technology. Power is supplied by iconic names such as Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki, two of the world’s most renowned engine manufacturers. If you have large areas of grass to cut, you need power and the Greenfield range has power to spare.

    Ferris ride on mowers

    Ferris are the innovators of the modern mower by being the only brand with a patented suspension system. This feature makes Ferris more comfortable than any other ride on mower on the market today. If you have a lot of grass to cut and you want to stay sitting comfortable, the Ferris is the machine for you.

    Victa ride on mowers

    The range of Victa ride on mowers is not just well styled and good-looking. They are responsive and comfortable to operate as well. An innovative display and cutting system makes the Victa one of the most intelligent ride on mowers on the market

    Walker ride on mowers

    If you are looking for a pristine finish, you are looking for a Walker ride on mower. These machines are ideal for landscaped properties because they leave a neat, manicured stripping effect without the use of a roller. The front deck of the machine is independent of the tractor and this allows it to smoothly follow the contours of the ground without impacting upon it.

    No matter what shape or size of lawn you need to cut, we have a range of ride on mowers that will get the job done quickly and effectively. Call us now to discuss your requirements on 03 6245 0063 .

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